About Me


We are in control of the palette we use to create the work of art that is our lives. Like all pieces of art, the process is messy and sometimes it is hard to see the finished product. We must get our fingers dirty, work through challenges and have faith in the ultimate beauty of what we are creating. I offer you a safe path into the messiness, where you can accept the entire creative flow of your life, both the challenges and the joys. By letting go, exploring and playing, you will unleash your inner power, inner peace and freedom to live authentically.

As a graphic designer, turned furniture maker, turned wife, mother and teacher, I have experienced that life is constantly changing. In my classes you will learn to ride the waves, find fun in the challenge and come out stronger, wiser and more at peace.

Whether a toddler, tween or adult, we grow through challenge. Sometimes we need a few deep breaths to help get us through. I will help you find your breath and unlock your freedom to live bigger.

Come join me for some power vinyasa yoga.

Get messy. Get real. Find Peace.

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