Youth Yoga


I began teaching children 6 years ago after realizing that so much of the baggage we carry around as adults stems from pivotal moments in childhood. The ability to teach children to recognize their inner voice and see the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions is very powerful. My kids are divided into distinct age groupings. Each group is exposed to yoga in an age appropriate way—building a foundation and understanding that grows with each class until they are old enough to jump into an adult class.

Pre-K classes use songs, books and games to introduce the language of yoga, the idea of connecting breath and movement.

5-7 year old classes continue to use creative introductions to yoga poses through stories and games but broaden the learning experience with themed classes that incorporate movement, breath, concentration skills, self-expression and discussion.

8-11 year old classes continue with themes that are age appropriate. Through discussion, short vinyasa yoga practices, meditation and the in depth focus and breakdown of poses, the kids end up with the basic knowledge needed to do yoga in a studio. In the spirit of fun we play yoga themed games that help focus attention and we work on longer savasanas with visualizations.

Teen classes introduce longer vinyasa practices, deeper discussions about how yoga can be used in their lives, the use of props and long savasanas. We incorporate art into class to delve into some subject matters more thoroughly.

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